Quality Systems :


Quality Policy  & Statement


Order Control

The scope of the company activities within this quality system covers the export enquiry processsing of various  products.
The following Policy Statements applies to all company operations. It is the aim of the company to provide service and products that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers by doing it right the first time and every time. We make sure that we provide our customers with products and a level of service that are of consistent quality and which completely meet the agreed requirements of their order.

All quotations given and all order received are reviewed prior to acceptance to ensure that the company has the capacity to meet the requirements involved.

There is full control of all administration and operational activities involved with processing a customer order.The progress of each order is monitored very carefully by the management.
  Quality Plans


Operations Control

Inspection Equipment

Storage & Handling


Quality System Control
Quality plans exist or prepared to cover all operational activities undertaken by the company. These define the checking stages require to ensure that the company meet its contracted requirements.

All purchases, like procurement of raw material, made by the company are controlled through the company purchasing system. A list of approved suppliers / sub contractors is maintained. All products bought by the company is subject to product inwards inspection.

Operational control applies to all aspects of manufacturing , packing & shipping.

The company maintains a range of measuring instruments to cover the scope of it's activities.
Appropriate calibration is done to equipment.

All stored products is housed in secure storage facilities and careful handling methods are used to prevent damage of the product.

The company takes great care to ensure only competent people are employed and these individuals are fully trained on principles of Quality, TQM and all tasks that they undertake.

The quality system is subject to regular internal auditing and management review.

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